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IPCapital official announcement MAJ of the compensation plan and rank attainment conditions

Good day to all IPCapital’s family, first of all, we sincerely thank you everyone for the love and recognition of the company. Since the company launched IPC BOT AIA SYSTEM, in just a few months, we have hit up to 10,000 users! Once again we are grateful for everyone’s efforts and love! 

A new journey is coming to us in year 2022, we have a few upgrade on our incentives mechanism and newly added global bonus for managing director and shareholder director. 

1. Sponsorship bonus 

✅Member -5%

✅Leader -5%

✅Supervisor -6%

✅Senior Manager -7%

✅Department Manager -8%

✅Regional Manager -9%

✅Managing Director -10%

✅Shareholder Director -10%

2. Global bonus

Global bonus is provided for the country’s leader who becomes MD or SD. While some of the original 10% of the sponsorship bonus was reduced to 5%, the other 5% bonus has been allocated to the bonus pool, which was 50% MD pool and 50% SD pool. For example, A is a Member level, with a recommended bonus of 5%, when A recommends B, B  with USD10,000 recharged, A gets USD10,000×5% of USD500, and the remaining USD500 is divided into USD250 to the MD pool and USD250 to the SD pool. 

Bonus pools will be updated hourly on the official website. Prizes in the bonus pool will be distribute once a month with a average rewards to leaders at the MD and SD levels for the current month. For example, there’s USD1,000,000 in the MD bonus pool during the month, distributed with only 25 people at the MD level, which is USD1,000,000/25=USD40,000/MD, The same goes for SD pools. 

Let us grab this opportunity to take advantage of this Christmas promo to boost your ranking to the MD/SD level as fast as possible! This upgrade will be live on Monday, January 3rd 2022 (00:00  A.M.). In the beginning, all bonus dividends will be settled at the end of each month. Thank you for your support and encouragement, let us enter the new year with glory and gratitude. The company will continue to lead the family home in 2022!

IPCapital management team

19th December 2021

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